Geraud Staton

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One of the most important aspects of creating a portrait for my client is trust. How I put paint to canvas is not what makes me an accomplished artist. It is how I see things, how I arrange a piece, how I compose and identify with my subject that has the most importance. It is this vision that you gain when you invest in a personalized portrait from me.

When doing these types of portraits I am able to spend 30 minutes to an hour with the subject, usually over coffee or in their home where they are most comfortable. I spend this time watching them, looking for gestures or expressions that seemt to make them who they are. At the end of this meeting, I schedule a sitting and/or photography session.

This sitting or photography session usually takes 1-3 hours. I may do some preliminary color studies, but I will mostly be using extensive photography in order to complete the portrait. All photos are kept in strict confidence and will never be published or released without permission from the model. All photos are under my copyright, but I would love to share any of them that the sitter would like.

My first step is to create a study using sketches and a small color painting. I will share these with the client and subject. During this phase we can make changes to color, composition, etc. I won't begin the full portrait until I have the blessing of the client. Once all parties are happy, I begin the final painting using high quality paints and acrylic-primed linen in order to offer an archival, museum quality piece of art.



Passion Portraits are meant to represent your 'True Self.' This is the self that you want to be, the self that you are when you are at your best, the self that you want to become. Many of us live a life based on the expecations of our children, spouses, parents, co-workers or other imagined sources. Sometimes wer aren't even sure why we live our lives the way we do. But every one of us has something inside that keeps us going. We just fail to see it at times. Sometimes, we just need a reminder of who we are or who we want to be. And there are few things more powerful than a visual reminder.

During our "getting to know you" phase I will discuss your dreams and how you view yourself in great depth. Everything you say during these talks is held under the strictest confidence. Using NLP techniques we will learn what it is you want out of your life, and what reminder you want in order to become the greatest 'you' possible.

After this phase, the rest of the portrait will continue just as the Traditional Portrait does, but when it is finished you will have a narrative painting filled with the images and symbols needed to help get you out of bed, to remind you of who you are, to help you remember where you came from, or to motivate you to do that which you love. And no one needs to understand exactly what your portrait means but you.



Prices do not include framing and are subject to change. Simple portraits are paid for once they are completed. Traditional portraits requare a 33% down payment before work will begin, with the balance due upon delivery.

Prices are listed for single figures and basic backgrounds. For each additional figure, add 50%. More detailed backgrounds can also be added for an additional charge.

Paintings will not include framing, and the client is responsible for travel expenses (outside the RDU area), shipping, crating and framing if desired.

Passion Portrait pricing is done on an individual basis.

Head sketch
11 x 14"
Head and Shoulders
16 x 20"
Upper Body
18 x 24"

Full or Seated
24 x 36"

Full Body
36 x 48"